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Exterminating Services Buffalo, NYWelcome to B&C Exterminating.

As a leading Buffalo, NY exterminating service and wildlife removal specialist, we work hard day in and day out to ensure that the homes and businesses of our area are pest-free and safe. Whether your problem is raccoons coming too close to the building, a hornet’s nest in the attic, or rodents in the basement, we can help.

Finding that your home or business has become the victim of a pest infestation is never a pleasant discovery; however, with our help, you can soon put this problem behind you. At B&C Exterminating, we don’t just focus on safe and efficient pest control and removal. We also work hard every day to provide exceptional customer service. Part of that includes making sure our prices are competitive and providing free estimates. Another part of that is offering 24-hour emergency service.

Furthermore, we want to ensure you know that we’re a trustworthy service. We are fully insured in New York State, and our professionals have many years of experience. Whether you’ve called us for bed bug control or animal removal, rest assured that our work will measure up to the highest of standards.

Our Pest & Animal Control Services

B&C Exterminating offers a wide range of exterminating services to keep pests around your property under control. We serve the Buffalo, NY community with pest control services designed specifically for each customer's unique situation. Our services include wildlife and animal control, bee removal, bed bug removal, as well as general pest control. If you're experiencing a problem with pests or rodents on your property, we're the exterminating service to call. 

Bee Removal Buffalo, NYIf you’ve noticed the telltale signs of insects, rodents, or other pests trying to invade your home, don’t wait and hope the problem goes away. It usually won’t. Instead, call B&C Exterminating at 716-262-9140. We would be happy to come out to your home or place of business to give you a free estimate, a thorough inspection, or timely pest removal service. Don’t let the problem get worse before it gets better.

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